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We need built our own research panel to conduct CAWI surveys and we had chosen Sagiton as our software service provider because theirs deep understanding of our business was impressive

Maciej Maj
CEO at Openfield Sp. z o.o.

Sagiton is a valued Apps with Love software partner. Their work has contributed to measurable high impact results of our recent project [...]. Software consultancy provided by Sagiton are unique in terms of quality, responsiveness and holistic approach. Moreover, the speed of their development and their background in software architecture and integration significantly exceeded industry standards and our ouw expectations.

Philipp Keller
COO at Apps with Love

BPCC would like to thank Sagiton for carrying out training seminar for its members [...] The training offered sharp insights on marketing theory presented in the context of emerging technologies and focused around examples of these solutions being used in practice [...] Sagiton’s presentation was judged to be clear and interesting. Participants also highly rated content and the level of knowledge they had acquired at the training session.

Dorota Kierbedź
Head of Marketing & Media, British-Polish Chamber of Commerce

Sagiton helped us to test our product comprehensively. Their certified testers assured the best quality using continuous testing, so we could go live without a thing to worry about. I recommend their QA team for any project.

Grzegorz Fidyka
CEO at Sienn Sp. z o.o.

Sagiton [...] carried out training seminar at the Wrocław Centre for Technology Transfer. The seminar was prepared for Enterprise Europe Network client, who could learn more about the use of new technologies in implementation of global marketing communication. The whole event was prepared very professional, trainers demonstrated extensive knowledge, providing many practical examples that could become an inspiration for participants.

Phd. Agnieszka Turyńska
Head of Technology at Transfer Dept / Wrocław University of Technology, Enterprise Europe Network

We were recommended Sagiton as a supplier who would understand our needs, translate them professionally into project objectives and assumptions and then implement promptly and comprehensively [...]. In barely 72 hours a team of 10 experts dedicated to our project was formed. We also had a team-leader and an analyst in one person at our disposal [...]. What is of extreme importance because of a confidential character of the data processed by the system, the safety of the application generated was guaranteed.

Tomasz Kłysz
Managing Partner at Hill Group Sp. z o.o.

Sagiton realized for us [...] online shop [...] including responsive design, configuration, testing and project management. We experienced a well planned and organized work. Every step of the project was well explained, questions solution-oriented discussed and executed in an effective and exact way. Also for complicated, specific needs good solutions were found. During the whole project we experienced pleasant communication and felt to be in good hands. We are happy with the result of this collaboration and are looking forward to collaborate in future projects.

Michael Klaus
CEO at Layup GmbH

We hereby refer that Sagiton has developed for Motion Brand Ltd. a portal for the drug campaign for one of our customers. Sagiton or its personnel has been involved directly in the developing, with full cooperation with our company. They’ve done a very good job of providing what they were asked for, before the very short deadline and with the highest quality of the product. Hereby we refer Sagiton to anyone who needs a professional IT partner and best services

Sławomir Moraczyński
CEO at Motion Brand Ltd.

We would like to inform that Sagiton contributed successfully in our three projects for French customers. Their impact, rapid development and services quality helped us to reach our goals [...]. Sagiton delivered all the projects on time and with best quality. I’m very satisfied with the cooperation I had with Sagiton and would like to recommend their services to everyone who needs effective software solutions.

Remi Turbet Delof
Director at PiTech France

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Sagiton on project of platform for sharing classified information between members of one of government organization. The scope of Sagiton’s responsibilities covered system architecture, implementation and production rollout of backend system, WebDav server and two native mobile client application for Android and iOS. Due to the nature of the project system had to provide sophisticated and flexible security mechanism and integrate with external system to fetch and process information. Currently Sagiton also assures production maintenance and support.

Philipp Keller
COO at Apps with Love

Sagiton expert showed their professionalism and innovative approach when implementing [...] fleet management system for one of our clients [...]. The result of their flexible approach and involvement was high rate of work and an ability to implement many functionalities in a very short time.High level of communication with the customer is also praiseworthy. The efficient cooperation makes us recommend Sagiton services. We are sure to use to turn to them with our future requirements.

Tomasz Kłysz
Managing Partner at Hill Group Sp. z o.o.

We outsourced a module of our Squares Moda web project for software support work to Sagiton. We found our team working with Sagiton a professional experience with good software quality assurance practices and communication, trouble shooting on support issues positively and with a fast turnaround. We also found the experience of positive team dynamics and would highly recommend Sagiton for subcontracting software development and support.

Amir Ahmed
Business Development Director at sSquares Ltd

Sagiton has been recommended to us [...] as an ideal candidate to execute [...] urgent and complex projects of ours. [... ]. (One of the project was) a VOD portal for a big American television station. Thanks to the Sagiton experience and flexibility, the team was ready and working with full involvement and availability as soon as less than 24 hours after getting to know our expectations. We recommend Sagiton as a professional software development support and reliable business partner.

Konrad Kabaja
Board Member at Avaus Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Sagiton is a valued Synergetics’ software partner [...]. Their work contributes to two of our Main projects. One in the health industry and one in Game Industry [...]. Sagiton quickly gained a strong understanding of the business and helped us to architect and develop a number of key components concerning the front-end of the system. It is a pleasure to work with these kind of professionals, who not only understand and fulfil customer requests, but also add value to them through inventive ideas and applications. I am more than satisfied with the cooperation with Sagiton and see our work as the start of a long-term mutually-beneficial business relationship.

Paul Imholz
COO at Synergetics B.V

Sagiton Sp. z o.o. [...] provided services related to the development, testing, integration and maintenance of application software under the ECIP/SEAP project for the Ministry of Finance [...]. All work was done in a professional, timely and diligent manner.

Tomasz Milik
Product Manager at Sygnity S.A

Sagiton frontend developers are amazing! Just leave work to them and be sure it will be done according to the best standards; all tests will be covered, responsive and implemented as designed. They also use the Agile methodology, but are really flexible when needed. It makes them a perfect partner who cares about the business, deadlines and the delivery quality.

Grzegorz Fidyka
CEO w Sienn Sp. z o.o.

We had the opportunity to get to know Sagiton as an experienced and flexible partner [...]. During our cooperation they designed, build and implement two systems for production environment [...] for state institutions [...]. Sagiton designed the system to fulfil rigorous efficiency and reliability requirements [...]. We would like to emphasise full professional involvement of the Sagiton expert team in the task entrusted to them. Work on the project started without any delays and the high quality results were achieved in both systems in record time [...]. For the above mentioned reasons, we recommend Sagiton as a reliable and professional support for programming tasks at the highest level. We will certainly use their services in our future projects.

Krzysztof Meljon
Project Manager at Sygnity S.A

We thank Sagiton for their professional attitude, proactiveness, business orientation and great communication skills which helped us successfully complete the project of an integrated BIM Rawlplug platform for our products. We highly recommend Sagiton to everyone who is looking for not only a software provider, but a Technology Partner for their business.

Krzysztof Woźniak
RnD Manager at Koelner Rawlplug IP Sp. z o.o.

It was a pleasure to work with that kind of professionals, who not only understand and fulfill customer requests, but also add value to them through inventive ideas and applications.

Philipp Keller
COO at Apps with Love

The Sagiton team smoothly took over the mobile and backend development of our platform for private car-sharing -- carsharing24/7. They are also supporting us with the development of our flag product for Corporate Carsharing and fleet management called Ibiola Mobility. Their support has gone beyond just software development as they became our partner who also supports releases of new updates of our solutions into production environments, using the continuous delivery approach. I highly recommend Sagiton as a reliable business-oriented partner for technology projects.

Johannes Freudenthaler
Managing Partner at Ibiola Mobility Solutions

We had a pleasure to work with Sagiton who developed an extension to the ERP system which allows us to control our budgets and project profitability in a better way. Thanks to Sagiton’s quick reaction, good communication and a large set of technical skills, we managed to release the solution within a few weeks, using our preferred technology stack. Averna highly recommends Sagiton as a reliable partner who provides fast software delivery with quality in mind.

Marcin Chruściel
CEO at Averna Sp. z o.o.

Sagiton supported Apps with love in the development, testing and maintenance of several projects. From a new health care service, to a complex mobility solution and a comprehensive loyalty program, Sagiton has proven their ability to develop and support a wide range of challenging digital products. With good service orientation, passion and skilled people we have together achieved great success at the Best of Swiss App Awards 2017, where Apps with love has won 14 Awards including the Master of Swiss Apps 2017. Sagiton’s commitment is highly valuable for Apps with love, its clients and of course the enduser of the digital services. We recommend Sagiton to anyone looking for a competent technology partner with fast reaction und setup time, high quality services, great business orientation and good project communication.

Stephan Klaus
CEO at Apps With Love

Sagiton has been a reliable Gluu services integration partner for many years, and continually exceeds our customer's expectations. There is no identity & access management problem too small, too large, too simple or too complicated for the Sagiton team to evaluate, scope, and help your organization solve.

Michael Schwartz
CEO & Founder of Gluu

Sagiton has undertaken both front- and backend development tasks on our technology platform. They’ve refactored its codebase and greatly improved the scale and sustainability of the platform. Sagiton has also played a great role in the rebranding process, providing a new logo and fresh typefaces. Our business risk was reduced and we are more independent and in control because Sagiton has helped us develop our technology. Communication has always been smooth and the product they’re delivering is functional and reliable. I must say that we’ve gotten so much value for our money as their work allows future business growth.

Rob Millington
COO at Waldo

According to the contract, ArrowGroup (former name Sagiton) employees participated in projects conducted by PGS Software [...]. The projects had many limitations: short deadlines, very high quality and performance requirements with incomplete specification requiring constant communication with the customer [...]. Cooperation with ArrowGroup company was very successful.

Paweł Gurgul
Vice President of the Management Board of PGS Software S.A.

A business-oriented and fast-reacting company focused on solving problems. Always looking for new business opportunities and partnerships. We've had a lot of help from their brilliant dedicated e-commerce team for our various Hybris development activities.

Steve Liddle