Cooperation Model

Cooperation Model

Select your preferred cooperation model

One of the values we share is partnership. We always want to cooperate in a way that best suits your needs, so you can choose any of these 3 options


Time & Material

Gives you full flexibility in terms of requirement changes,as well as iterative and rapid agile development, without any delays caused by quotation preparation and numerous approvals. This model is preferred when you don’t have your requirements fully specified and want to provide solutions as quickly as possible to verify market feedback.



Gives you full control over your budget, but is less flexible in terms of introducing changes to the project. This solution is favorable when you know exactly what needs to be done and when it is very unlikely to introduce a modification to the project.



Is combination of the above solutions. You don’t know all the requirements yet but, would like to know the price beforehand, even when it is a partial price. Thanks to the mixed cooperation model, we can estimate partial tasks which are known while leaving the estimation of future tasks for later on. It is not as flexible as Time & Material, but is more flexible than Fixed-price as you only fix a subset of the features and as a result you can easily change it later. It is a middle solution used when budget control is more important than the delivery time and when some requirements are still unknown at the start of the product development phase.

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