Rapid Application Delivery

No more excuses that software development takes time

Rapid Application Delivery

Why RAD?

No more excuses that software development takes time

There are moments when suddenly there is an idea for an application that is worth implementing as soon as possible due to the perceived niche, the market gap or the introduction of new legal provisions. If such situations are familiar and you think that they are deadlocked because of the time or work needed, the solution is here.

Use the business potential of your idea with a set of practices and tools as part of RAD programming (Rapid Application Development). Thanks to RAD, your idea will quickly see the light of day, and it will be possible to introduce improvements and modifications to it in an iterative manner.


Out of the box moduls

Use Semi-Product modules in your system/application

Micro ServicesGeneric Components

Use proven Sagiton modules such as login and registration; administration of user accounts and their consents; managing the versioning of historical data, digital resources or product data in order to reduce business risk and time-cost expenditures.


Continuous Delivery

Introduce new requirements immediately

Continuous IntegrationContinuous DeploymentAutomated TestingIterative Development

These days, only the speed of action in the market space and providing solutions expected by the recipients are important. Thanks to the creation of your product in short cycles, you will have constant control over the course of work within it, as well as a high degree of flexibility. For your idea, select the implementation process consisting of several stages, under which it will undergo automated regression and functional tests. In this way you will receive valuable feedback and you will be able to decide what further changes are worth introducing.

As a result of theiterative approach and the possibility of aquick response to market changes (reduced TTL - Time To Market), you will improve the quality of the project and you will be able to discover irregularities more quickly. In addition, you will reduce your time and financial costs, stay ahead of the competition and create satisfaction among your users.



Adapt to constant changes

Constant ImprovementIterative DevelopmentAdapting To Market Changes

Taking the next step, it is often the imprecision of the concept which constitutes the biggest challenge. Move away from standard, extensive project activities and focus on agile management of your idea (Scrum). Your idea will not only be quickly shaped, but it will also be constantly adjusted to market expectations.

As a consequence of applying the Scrum methodology, you will be able to gradually gain knowledge about your idea and fully control the direction of its further business development. In addition, after A/B tests and Customer Development activities, your solution will be tailored to the needs of consumers. Respond quickly to signals from your recipients, implement the changes they expect, provide them with valuable products and win the market in an agile way.


Behavior Driven Development

The success of your business counts most

Business Oriented DevelopmentTesting Business Scenarios

New trends are constantly emerging and cause customers to change their preferences and expectations. Treat your product as a tool to achieve a set business goal and look at it from the perspective of target users.

Get to know the communicated or hidden needs of your clients through, for example: market research, group/individual interviews, surveys, consumer tests. Your product will be subject to acceptance tests which are a form of assessment from potential end users of the available functionalities, level of usability or design. On this basis, you will be able to plan further transformations of your idea and highlight the tasks which have real business/consumer value and which are particularly crucial for the success of the project.


Start within 48h

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The current market requires spontaneous reactions and an immediate response to communicated needs. You do not have to wait for a few months when every moment counts, so do not hesitate to start implementing your idea with us as soon as within 48 hours.

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