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Mobile Development

Your own mobile app for Android and iOS

Mobile development

Mobile App Development

Designing applications for the phone

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Go to market with your own mobile app for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to Sagiton expertise in a broad set of mobile technologies, we have already developed for our clients many award winning apps and would love to deliver yours as well.


iOS and Android Native App Development

Swift, Kotlin, Java

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Deliver mobile apps to market which gives the best possible User Experience of native operating systems.


Hybrid App Development

React Native, Flutter

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Reduce cost and time of the development by using Hybrid / Cross-platform solution which allows to deliver apps for both iOS and Android without necessity of creating them separately for each platform.


Zitrona App Development

Why creating mobile app from scratch?

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Offer to your clients native mobile app which is created on top of Zitrona - Sagiton’s engine which helps to reduce the cost of native app development even up to 3 times.

Do you want to create your own mobile application?