Marketing Technology

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Marketing Technology

Why you need MarTech?

Take advantage of new technologies

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Every day new solutions appear in the field of Technological Marketing, and their number, which in 2017 exceeded 5,000, only confirms this claim. In comparison to 2011, this number has increased by over 3300%. The rapid development of the phenomenon changes the market demand and redefines the ways in which the organization functions in space.

Thanks to the MarTech solutions, you will effectively increase the reach, brand awareness and conversion of your activities in the consumer space. You will get to know your customers in a better way and, as a result, you will be able to react faster to changes noticed on the market. You will provide clients with a more accurate offer and maintain consistent communication using selected technologies. All your projects will be supported by a technological stack coordinated by our experts: a Technology Marketing Manager, who will analyze the business/technical situation, internal tools and systems, specific products/services and supported communication channels, as well as a programming team who will adapt all of it to your needs. Do not be afraid of new technologies, but use their strengths in your business. Thanks to Sagiton, you gain access to the latest marketing technologies without the need to constantly explore the latest innovations.



Accompany customers on their cross-channel journey

Omnichannel StrategyData PublicationData CollectionData Management

Nowadays, closing sales is really just one of the stages of the so-called customer journey. Currently, the standard is to accompany the consumer at all times on his/her path to purchase and in all channels where he/she can appear (cross-channel).

In order to make sure that you are fully noticeable, and the information you provide to clients is always up-to-date, consistent and adapted to the specificity of the communication channel in which they are presented (regardless of whether it is a mobile application, an e-commerce platform or a printed catalog), it is worth using the Omnichannel strategy and modern technologies in your marketing activities. Thanks to this approach, your marketing and sales tools will be connected and create one body based on central systems that send or collect data (e.g. PIM Product-Information-Management or User-Generated-Content, UGC). You will gain full control over the flow of information and, above all, you will gain support for your business carried out with integrated offline-online resources as part of B2B and B2C cooperation.


Web & Mobile Apps

Provide apps that your clients and/or employees will love

LoyaltyGeolocationProfilingEvent AppsGamificationOnline2OfflineCommerce

By creating mobile and Web applications, you give your clients tools to communicate with your brand. Thanks to that, you are able to follow their activities, and by using solutions such as Machine Learning, adequately advise them on a consumer journey (e.g. by sending personalized messages in the right location) or to tailor your product/service to their needs.

Together with the Omnichannel approach, loyalty programs and other marketing technologies and solutions such as growth-hacking andA/B testing, your applications will be attractive enough for users to want to use them. The received technological support will guarantee only one limitation: your imagination.


e-commerce & m-commerce

Not only to close deals but also to open new sales

Customer JourneyPIMLoyaltyOrderingPricing PoliciesPromotion PoliciesInventoryShipmentPayment

Equip your clients with tools to help them make purchases using both Web and Mobile channels. Integrate these solutions with your product information systems, loyalty programs, order processing systems, pricing and promotional policies, or stock levels. In addition, use Machine Learning and the opportunities offered by mobile channels (e.g. NFC, QR, geolocation) to generate offers dedicated to your clients and not only close, but also open new sales.


Online & Printed Catalogs

Your offer is always in-sync and up-to-date

PIMOmnichannelData SynchronizationCatalog Generation

The goal of product catalogs is to reach as many customers as possible with your offer. That is why it is so important to always have the offer consistent in all catalog systems that your clients can use, e.g. in print, online or in e-commerce / m-commerce platforms. In addition, you must respond quickly to market needs and tailor your offer accordingly.

Thanks to the implemented catalog systems combined with product information systems (PIM), you will have the opportunity to control your product range and import data from other product systems. This will enable all connected online catalog systems and generators for printed catalogs to be automatically and immediately updated.



Let customers seamlessly move between online and offline

ShowroomingIoTDigital SignageSmart TVBeaconsVRAR

Current consumer trends mean that your clients permanently move between online and offline worlds (showrooming). Use this fact in your business by combining the Omnichannel strategy, Web and Mobile applications with solutions in the form of Digital Signage (e.g. infokiosks, multimedia tables); beacons locating your clients inside buildings, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

They will effectively influence the touchpoint with your brand (e.g. store space), allow the recipient to comfortably move between the worlds and enhance the customer's feelings. By ensuring an appropriate level of customer satisfaction, you increase the chances of attachment to your brand (brand attachment), products and/or services.


Gamification & AdverGaming

Let client play your game

Game EngineUser ContestsOnline2OfflineBrand Attachment

Take advantage of the instinct of rivalry in your clients to increase their awareness and attachment to your brand. Offer your customers a Web/Mobile application based on a game engine and marketing technologies thanks to which it can be an original medium of advertising information, as well as a support tool for a marketing campaign or loyalty program. Create tasks and competitions, quickly attract your customers and invite them to your game.


Mass Personalization & Customization

Tailor your solutions to every individual client

ProfilingMachine LearningProduct ConfiguratorsSelection Assistants

Everyone is an individual and everyone expects such treatment. Therefore, make sure that your customers receive a personalized message from you designed specifically for them. Thanks to the preparation of product configurators and product selection assistants, you enable your customers to personally customize the offer, and in combination with Machine Learning and the Data Science data analysis, you will be able to profile them and automatically recommend offers matching their needs.

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