Hill Group Claim Management

Hill Group Claim Management

A SaaS web platform handling the debt collection process for large sets of customers’ liabilities and integrated with Polish state e-court.

Business sector:
Law, Finance, Vindication
Development, UX/UI, Business Analysis, Technical Analysis, System Architecture, Project Management, Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Production Rollout
Java, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, JSP
Law, Finance
We were recommended Sagiton as a supplier who would understand our needs, translate them professionally into project objectives and assumptions and then implement promptly and comprehensively [...]. In barely 72 hours a team of 10 experts dedicated to our project was formed. We also had a team-leader and an analyst in one person at our disposal [...]. What is of extreme importance because of a confidential character of the data processed by the system, the safety of the application generated was guaranteed.
Tomasz Kłysz
Managing Partner at Hill Group Sp. z o.o.

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