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UX/UI Design for your applications

UI/UX Design

User Interface (UI)

Beautiful apps

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Provide an attractive design and a good presentation of elements of your application on various devices and browsers.


User eXperience (UX)

User is always in the centre

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Let us take care of the intuitiveness and ease of use of your application.


Prototyping / Wireframing

Functionality and appearance of the app in accordance with the users’ expectations

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Thanks to the Sagiton’s clickable mockups for both Web and Mobile applications, you will be able to quickly and economically verify whether your future product contains all necessary functionalities.



Brochures, landing pages of your digital product

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We know that software houses usually don’t know anything about marketing, hence they are not able to prepare a branding, corporate identity, landing pages, marketing materials or explainer-videos, although they usually have the greatest knowledge about the application they create. That’s why at Sagiton we can prepare all of that , so you can be sure that your marketing communication is in sync with your business values and software solutions.

Do you need a design for your next web or mobile application?