Technology Partner

Why a Software House is not enough?

Technology Partner

Why a Software House is not enough?

Have your project done by someone who understands your business

There are many approaches to software development, and software houses focus on different areas. Some of them are specialists in specific technologies (e.g. Java, .NET, Ruby), in types of solutions (web, mobile, IoT); some of them focus more strongly on issues related to UX and Design, while others focus on the outsourcing of technology experts. Sagiton focuses primarily on the business aspects of your venture. We assume that technology is only a means to achieve a specific business goal.

To achieve this goal, all people involved in the project should understand it. This is closely related to their understanding of both the technical point of view (how?) of the project and the business one (why), regardless of whether we are talking about a business analyst, a project manager, a programmer or a tester. That is why we want to be not only your software supplier, but above all -- a partner who understands your goals. Thanks to that will be able to recommend appropriate solutions in terms ofbusiness requirements, visual elements (UX/Design), system architecture or usability testing. After delivering your finished project, you will not be left alone with it; you will get support in its maintenance and modernization, regardless of whether it concerns web, mobile, server or IoT solutions.


Research & Development

You do not have to be always up to date because we are

Proof Of ConceptTechnology SelectionTechnology Research

We live in times of rapid technological development. Solutions that revolutionized the industry a few years ago, such as smartphones, do not make an impression on anyone anymore. Therefore, to ensure the innovation of your solution, you should rely on the latest technologies which will make your idea stand out from the competition.

Thanks to Sagiton's R&D department, you have access to trends from a wide range of supported technologies. In addition, if your idea is ahead of its time, you can use the support to carry out technical analysis of the feasibility of your project, which consists in creating a PoC (Proof of Concept). It will not be a solution prepared for operating in a production environment, but will allow you to decide which direction your idea should take from a technological point of view. This will reduce the risk associated with choosing the wrong technological solution, which in the future may turn out to be insufficient or too expensive to maintain.


Business & Technical Analysis

Have your idea converted into a specification

Online SpecificationSingle Source of Truth

In order for the technological project to be successfully implemented, it is very important that all people participating in it (starting from the investor, the project manager, members of the programming and tester teams, all the way to the systems maintenance department) know exactly what is going on in the system, both from the technical and business point of view. That is why it is very important to prepare a system specification which is the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) of the project.

By using the support of Sagiton business analysts, you will receive a solution specification which is created basing on your business goals. The specification will allow you to efficiently share the knowledge about your project with each member of the team. In addition, this document will allow for a quick and operational introduction of new team members to the project, when it is required to speed up the development work or resume work after a longer break. The specification allows the participants of the design process to learn about the technical and business context of the idea. This significantly affects the accuracy of recommendations in each phase of software development, as well as allows for the identification of risks and their elimination at an early stage.


UX, Design & Prototyping

Because the user is always in the centre

User ExperienceGraphic DesignWireframingClickable Prototypes

A product which is customer-friendly strengthens the position of its supplier on the market, increases brand recognition, and allows to build loyalty. To make sure that your idea gets the market attention, submit it to usability research.

Thanks to the clickable prototypes (wireframing) created by us for both Web and Mobile applications you will be able to quickly and economically verify whether the introduced product contains all necessary functionalities and interactions between the user and the application. Additionally, through the use of the iterative approach, the prototype can be gradually adjusted to the requirements of end users. As a result, the amount of modifications at the advanced stage of development which are much more costly and introduce unnecessary delays, will be reduced. Our UX team will take care of the easy and intuitive use of the application, and the UI team will provide attractive design and a good presentation of elements on various devices or browsers. Our designers are members of the Association of Applied Graphic Designers, and their work complies with recommendations and UX/UI standards such as UX-PM UXalliance.



Have your apps accessible for people with disabilities

Accessible DesignAccessible UXWeb AccessibilityMobile AccessibilityVoice OverTalk Back

There are around 55 million disabled people in Europe who are also eager to use the Web or Mobile apps. You can meet the needs of people who are visually impaired, have hearing impairments or have problems with concentration and memory.

Your idea at the stage of the visual design and interaction model will be based on the obtained information about the physical or mental challenges of your potential users. By choosing the right tools, you'll be able to present your offer to customers in an accessible and attractive way. Your applications will be created in cooperation with the Eudajmonia foundation, thanks to which each stage of application development will be consulted with the target users.


Microservices & System Architecture

Expand your business and idea in fast and flexible manner

SOLIDDesign PatternsEIPMicroservice PatternsHorizontal ScalabilityFailover

Application development is a dynamic process that undergoes changes under the influence of new business requirements that might not be known at the initial stage of the development and which are determined by new market trends/legislative changes. In such situations, the most important issue is how the system architecture was designed. Designed in a way which allows you to easily make modifications and expand the functionality, or in a way which did not anticipate it.

Using a microservice approach in the design of IT systems, your project can be effectively expanded without affecting the correct functioning of other system components. Each of the microservices used in your project will have an atomic function, and when they are combined, they will create an advanced ecosystem. Thanks to the decentralized approach in design (recommended by such industry giants as Google or Netflix), the need to install the entire system while introducing improvements disappears; all you need is a substitution of the selected microservice, which is a small part of the entire system. In addition, microservices introduce convenience in horizontal scaling and maintaining system resilience. You can easily add new microsystem nodes, which helps to balance network traffic and eliminate single points of failure. Iterative implementation of subsequent services will also allow you to reduce the time of launching the solution in the production environment (Time-To-Market). Therefore, do not hesitate to use Sagiton's experience in designing systems based on microservices.


Web, Mobile & Cloud Apps

Always stay close to your users

MultiscreeningOnline2OfflineCommerceCloud AppsScalability

Currently, users are more and more digitized as they simultaneously use laptops, tablets and smartphones. Due to the phenomenon of multiscreening, Internet and mobile applications have gained importance. Therefore, by introducing Internet and mobile solutions to your business, you can reach your customers, employees and business partners more easily. In addition, you can use solutions usually unavailable in standard systems (such as geolocation, the gyroscope or the camera). Applications adapted to work in the cloud can easily be scaled, and thus support greater user traffic. Such an application will always be availableł if one of the cloud nodes is damaged, the others will take over its role, and if data are collected, it will be possible to quickly analyze them (algorithms will be performed simultaneously on multiple serversł this will multiply the computing power).

It is worth mentioning that your solution can be a new, innovative channel for the promotion of your products/services, thanks to which you will gather opinions about them and get additional information about your clients. Later on, these data can be used to analyze the market, investment reports or to monitor consumer behavior. As a result, you will improve the efficiency of your activities and increase your revenue. Do not hesitate and enter the world of Web and Mobile now.


Digital Signage & IoT Apps

Do not limit yourself to Web and Mobile solutions

OutdoorSmart TVInfokiosksBeacons

The rapid development of technology has long gone beyond Web and Mobile solutions. Therefore, in the implementation of your business ideas, use such media carriers as modern TV sets, multimedia displays, info kiosks or literally any object connected to the Internet - beacons, light switches or even a coffee machine. Thanks to Sagiton, you have a chance to combine these devices with your systems and applications, which will provide your users with a comprehensive ecosystem.

Positive feelings resulting from such a combination can accompany them at every stage of life, on a consumer journey or during the fulfillment of professional duties. These media will provide an additional source of information which you can use with Data Science to make conscious business decisions.


VR & AR Apps

Let users immerse in your world

Virtual WalksSimulatorsShowroomingAR CatalogsServis ManualsProduction Line ManualsVirtual Reality

Transfer users to your virtual world. Use Sagiton VR solutions to promote products or transfer knowledge to clients or staff (virtual walks, simulators). Enable your users to smoothly move between the real and digital worlds with the help of augmented reality. Thanks to this, you can make their journey more attractive (e.g. showrooming), you can enable the visualization of your product in the customer's environment (product catalogs) or improve service work and optimize production lines (instructional applications for service technicians and assembly line workers).


Manual & Automated Testing

Be sure that your apps are always stable and reliable

Unit TestsManual TestsIntegration TestsRegressions TestsTest AutomationContinuous Delivery

Before your software reaches the market and becomes available to recipients, it should undergo numerous tests that will check the correctness of work, its usability, functionality and adequacy of responding to customers’ needs.

Through unit testing, we will verify the status of your software in terms of individual components. Then, thanks to manual tests, the system of your application will be examined in a holistic way, and through integration tests also the dependencies between its components and interfaces. It will guarantee that the application will not fail due to high system load and that it will work on different devices. In addition, thanks to the automation of regression tests, the release of new features of your system will be a continuous process. This will allow you to quickly implement subsequent updates of your application and thus smoothly respond to new market needs. Develop applications with Sagiton and be sure that your systems are stable.


Support with SLA

Leave the maintenance of your application in good hands

8/5 Support24/7 SupportSLARolloutProduction MainenanceIncident Handling

Software development is just the beginning. A lot more depends on whether appropriate actions related to its launch onto the market will be taken. Bet on the support of the Partner who, considering functional and non-functional requirements, will select and configure the most appropriate hosting or service in the cloud.

Your application will be installed on production servers (Web application) and mobile stores - AppStore, Google Play (mobile applications), thanks to which the product will quickly become available to your recipients. Take advantage of the presence of a Partner who can take care of administering and maintaining your application when it is already in production. The obligation to maintain servers provided by you will be supported by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which will provide a response time to possible production incidents in the form of 8/5 or 24/7.

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