Data Science

Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning

Data Science

Big Data

Think big

Business IntelligenceHadoopData Collection

Information rules the world and influences the appearance of current businesses. Data which you process as part of your organization's work are often undiscovered and extremely valuable knowledge. You can receive this knowledge and use it, deciding to gather and organize data (e.g. data on mobility and any other data about clients made available in open social media channels) from available sources (e.g. from transaction systems, systems registering customer activity); then compare them; conduct a multi-level analysis (Business Intelligence) and thus acquire conclusions from the resulting connections.

Thanks to the newly acquired knowledge about your clients, their consumer behavior or shopping preferences, you will not only be able to achieve your business goals, but also change the positioning of your organization on the market and tailor the offer to individual recipients' expectations. In addition, by using Big Data you will get answers to questions that bother you and which are related to the level of success of the competition, or the cost-effectiveness of creating individual solutions (you will easily notice these tendencies or trends around you). Structured and unstructured data sources are a powerful means to identify the behavior of your clients, employees and even potential recipients. Thanks to advanced Data Science competencies, you will be able to check the business activity of market competitors and optimize your offer using the knowledge extracted from the data. Therefore, take advantage of Sagiton's support in the area of Data Science and discover the potential hidden in your data.


Machine Learning

Let computer adapt automatically to changes in your business

Dynamic SearchAnomaly DetectionMass PersonalizationAutomatic ClassificationKnowledge Extraction

Every day is a good source of new information which can be quickly analyzed, combined and used to bring positive business results, and even be a decisive factor in changing the direction of business development.

Base your organization's activity on a system specially designed for you, capable of self-improvement through the processing of data from dynamic environments. The created system will look for dependencies between data and use them to formulate new knowledge. Thanks to the use of Sagiton’s expertise in the field of machine learning, your search engines on the website will be streamlined; you will get personalized recommendations based on previous queries and information left by users, and you will gain another communication channel for your clients in the form of a chatbot, , and many other improvements will be implemented. The documents that you already have will be efficiently grouped and automatically filtered according to their content. You will be able to learn about the links between customers' shopping choices and their preferences; and discover the reasons for them giving up shopping. This way you will increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of running business processes.


Predictive Analysis

And what if you could predict the future?

Predictive SellingThreats PredictionsOpportunities PredictionsConsumer Trends

Predicting the future is no longer a supernatural ability, but another publicly available technological solution. Your clients leave information about themselves everywhere. It is worth taking action to collect all of it and learn something new about them, and thus also about the condition of your business.

Using predictive analytics, and its statistical techniques, data mining and machine learning, you will find key information in a huge amount of current/historical data. You will be able to determine preferences of your clients, and much more; discover opportunities and threats for the organization; create probable scenarios of future events, or estimate the occurrence of consumer trends. By acquiring a system for predictive analytics, you will be able to formulate analytical models describing the patterns of consumer behavior. In addition, when customers who so far have been generating the largest sales will start abandoning you unexpectedly, you will find the reason behind this phenomenon and quickly implement adequate remedial actions. The data you have will show you in which business point you are currently located and will give you the most promising direction of development.


Recommendation & Classification

What if you knew your customers better than they think?

ProfilingClassificationMass PersonalizationDeep Neural NetworksHyper Recommendations

If your systems still search and collect data about clients or business partners, they are worth using. The information sets allow for the process of profiling and classification of consumers or partners. Thanks to this, you will be able to send personalized messages via your channels (omnichannel), carefully selected to suit the preferences of customers and dependent on e.g. your current shopping history, searches of your websites, abandoned baskets, as well as the age, geolocation, social status or nationality of your customers. Our services are based on the latest scientific achievements, including the use of Deep Neural Networks and adaptive hyper-recommendation mechanisms, answering the questions of what, when and how you should recommend for conversion.


Data Mining

Utilize the power of your data

Pattern DetectionData RelationsPredictions

In every organization there are huge amounts of data which are generated and collected in a digital way and have a lot of business potential. Discover it by deciding to use automated data mining mechanisms closely related to the recognition of original patterns or interdependencies between information. Thanks to this, you will quickly get new knowledge about the industry, your market activity, as well as about your clients.

By detecting certain patterns, templates or systematicrelationships between data, you will be able to distinguish the most common consumer behavior; determine the probability of acquiring/losing customers in the near future or estimate sales for a specific period. All information collected so far, interconnected in a logical manner, will become signposts which will make it easier for you to make business decisions, e.g. in terms of sales design or further marketing activities. You do not have to speculate anymore, you have all the answers at your fingertips -- in your data.

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