Use semi-products to boost your apps

Every application is unique, but there are always some similarities between different systems. That is why we have prepared customizable semi-products that can be utilised in your project. These solutions allows you to save time and money because some parts of your system won’t have to be made from scratch, but instead used as an off-the-shelf package. Moreover, due to the fact that they have already been tested and used in many application, they are very stable solutions. Below you can find a list of Sagiton semi-products:


Authentication & Authorization service

Handles user management, registration, roles and future tasks assigned to users, and allows integration with external identity providers (i.e. Open ID, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook).


Asset Service

Manages digital assets such as images, office documents and PDF files and performs transformational operations on them, be it changing the resolution, modifying the color palette, or converting the file format. In addition, it extracts metadata information from various resources, e.g. text from images, PDFs and office documents.


Search Service

Search in many data sources simultaneously (i.e. in catalogue service, asset-service, CMS pages, blog posts, etc.).


Snapshot Service

Introduce versioning to literally all data which is important to you. You can use this service regardless of whether you want to save historical information about your transactions, changes made to your products or downloads.


Catalogue Service

Facilitates and simplifies working with catalogue information such as hierarchies, categories, product families, products, attributes thanks to mechanism such as multichannel hierarchies, attribute inheritance and hierarchy tree traversing.


Content Service

Is a simple templating mechanism which supports engines such as Freemarker, JasperReports and Groovy. It allows you to act as a simple CMS for your web and mobile applications, PDF generators or dynamic configuration systems.

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Consent Service

Manages user consents, which is especially important to comply with the guidelines of GDPR (Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data).


Web/Mobile Content Service

Dynamically adapts web and mobile applications based on information taken directly from the content management system. As a result, you can modify the behavior of your web and mobile applications without having to re-deploy them to the server or update them on the AppStore or Google Play.



Make sure that the communication with your users is targeted and relevant for them. The service sends push notifications (web and mobile), e-mails, text messages, social media posts to dynamic recipient lists, ie. everyone who has been interested in your product or service, downloaded your e-book, is from your city or the neighboring area, or hasn't used your app for several days.

in developmentgdpr

Personally Identifiable Information - Service

Keep the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of your users secured and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant thanks to the central management system (personal data are not spread across many applications) and mechanisms such as tokenization, anonymization, pseudonymization, encryption and multi-storage separation.

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Find out who the user of your application is. Thanks to this service, you will be able to easily mass personalize your applications (web and mobile) and the communication (integration with the Broadcasting-Service) with your users. You will know what they like and what they don’t. Moreover, when you enhance it with our Data Science services, you will be even able to predict what they might be interested in.


ELK web/mobile clients

Allows you to easily integrate applications (web/mobile/server) with the ElasticSearch/Logstash/Kibana technology stack which aggregates logs and allows you to dynamically change the logging level of your applications, which can be very helpful while investigating production incidents.