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Military knowledge base

Military knowledge base

A platform for sharing explicit and classified information depending on the authorized access between the members of one of government organizations. The platform has an advanced data synchronization system. Due to the nature of the project, the system had to provide a sophisticated and flexible security mechanism, and be integrated with external system to fetch and process information.

Business sector:
Education, Public, Military
Development, Cybersecurity, System Architecture, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Deployment, Maintenance
iOS, Android, NodeJS
Military, Public, Education

We had the opportunity to collaborate with Sagiton on project of platform for sharing classified information between members of one of government organization. The scope of Sagiton’s responsibilities covered system architecture, implementation and production rollout of backend system, WebDav server and two native mobile client application for Android and iOS. Due to the nature of the project system had to provide sophisticated and flexible security mechanism and integrate with external system to fetch and process information. Currently Sagiton also assures production maintenance and support.

Philipp Keller
COO at Apps with Love