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Plan, implement, measure, optimize - Plan, implement, measure, optimize - Plan...

Iterative Marketing - Plan, implement, measure, optimize - Plan, implement, measure, optimize - Plan...

Previously, marketing campaigns were carried out as part of extensive marketing strategies. On that basis, time-consuming solutions were created and eventually verified whether the strategy was successful or not. In addition, measuring the effectiveness of such marketing campaigns was very inaccurate, which is best reflected by the following words of John Wanamaker, the father of American advertising, ”Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I do not know which half”.

Today's approach to marketing looks completely different and draws on Lean Startup solutions, initiated by Eric Ries and Ash Maurya. These solutions come from Lean Manufacturing invented for Toyota factories. They involve a rapid release of simple marketing plans to verify the market and adjust both the communication and product to market needs. There are solutions which quickly allow you to measure the effectiveness of actions (such as A/B testing, Growth-hacking) simultaneously in many channels (Omnichannel). Take advantage of Sagiton's knowledge and experience in the field of marketing technologies and the Lean approach to optimize your marketing and sales activities, and reach your customer with an offer tailored to his/her needs. Use the channels most frequently used by your target group, maintaining the flexibility necessary to quickly introduce improvements resulting from the ever-changing market. Do not guess what the next steps should be, just rely on measurable results.