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We assume that available technologies are only means to achieve given business goals. There are more and more technologies, and each of them promises innovation, competitiveness and satisfying the users' signaled needs. We know that the most important thing in this situation is the constant search for ways to rationally use them in clients' projects so that they can gain market attention and consumer loyalty.


Create cyber-secured technology solutions verified and adapted to market needs (MVP to PMF) with real business values using cutting-edge technologies as fast as possible.


Sagiton wants to become the missing link; a bridge between the worlds of technology and business, allowing our clients to use cutting-edge technologies in their business to the fullest, instead of being intimidated by them.



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Four primary principles


Client-centric approach

... which makes us always focus on our client’s business rather than a specific task, technology or solution.


Constant improvement

... we strive to keep improving our skills in technology, cybersecurity and business domains.


Equality and respect

... because everyone deserves it, be it our clients, business partners, co-workers or sub-contractors.



... for projects, clients' businesses, as well as team members.


Sagiton’s timeline

November 2011
Creating a group of independent freelancers called ArrowGroup focused on providing web/server applications based on the Fixed-price business model (the name originates from the speed and precision of an arrow).
December 2011
Creating the first MarTech solution.
February 2012
Providing rapid software development solutions using an internal network of experienced freelancers working mainly part-time.
June 2012
Renting the first garage-like office/room (> 20m2 ).
February 2013
The official founding of Arrowgroup Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.).
March 2013
Starting an internship program for software developers.
May 2013
Hiring the first full-time employee.
November 2013
Moving to a bigger office (~30m2).
June 2014
Changing the name to Sagiton Sp. z o.o. (originating from the Latin sagitta - arrow).
January 2015
Creating the first security-centric solution for the healthcare industry.
February 2015
Creating the first mobile app.
July 2015
Changing the office (~ 80m2).
January 2016
Hiring around 15 employees.
June 2016
Expanding the office (~250m2).
November 2016
Founding an internal Testing and Quality Assurance Department.
January 2017
Founding an internal Creative Department at Sagiton (performance marketers, graphic designers, UX experts, copywriters).
August 2017
Changing the office (~560m2).
January 2018
currently hiring ~50 employees (backend/frontend/mobile developers, UI/UX designers, PMs, cybersecurity experts, business analysts, marketers and copywriters, testers).
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Sagiton Today

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