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Middle Front-end Developer

... if you like to work on the front.

Are you the one that we are looking for?

We know the pros and cons of the developer's work and we perfectly understand that it is not the CV that is the most important in this profession. We also know that man is not the name of the position on which he/she works, but above all his/her potential and motivation for self-development. That is why we are looking for talented Middle Front-end Developers to carry out tasks with different levels of complexity and to undertake numerous challenges. What matters most to us is your passion, commitment and the ability to think logically. Therefore, if you need a change, you are looking for a perfect place for work and self-development and you want to be part of the Sagiton team - we encourage you to apply!

Our company started from the implementation of dedicated IT solutions with different degrees of complexity. With time, larger projects have come, including such as a distributed e-customs support system for the Ministry of Finance, an application based on a loyalty program for representatives of the insurance industry, Uber-like mobile application, Mobile and Web solutions for remote medical consultancy or a system for the analysis. We specialize in the use of marketing technologies in such areas as MarTech (Marketing Technologies), Cloud, Security, Data Privacy and Lean Startup.

It is very important for us that a person in the position of Middle Front-end Developer should have at least 2 years of experience as a Front-end Developer and:

  • very good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, SASS (or LESS) - responsive design,
  • good knowledge of: ES6 features in Javascript and newer, Angular and/or React, RESTful APIs,
  • GIT, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp handling or similar tools.

What will you deal with?

By joining the team you will be able to do what you love - of course, do the programming - working e.g. on projects in the field of cybersecurity, internet marketing and even for the construction industry.

What's for you?

  • startup atmosphere and stability of the organization,
  • nice and Work-and-Employee-Friendly office in Wroclaw, where we work full-time,
  • necessary work tools,
  • possibility of remote work,
  • working among people who are guided by honesty, have a rich worldview and love spending time together with others,
  • bonuses and benefits (e.g. beverages, sweets, fruit, team building, healthcare, sports cards, free language lessons etc.),
  • flexible working hours,
  • by working with us, you will get many opportunities to demonstrate your skills and involvement in implementing projects for global Clients.

Convince us that we are looking for a person like you and then we will definitely contact you!

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